Friday, September 4, 2009

Weekly Update - 29August to 04September

Good Evening Everyone!
This week was very busy, but unfortunately picture taking was a low priority. Saturday the B-25 was in Aberdeen, ND. It's getting close to the end of the season for the B-25, and will be entering the maintenance portion of the year very soon. The P-51 was out to Offutt Air Force Base for a show. It arrived home early in the week. The hangar was buzzing with activity on Saturday, many many projects were worked on. The PT-22 is done save for some needed paperwork, the motor pool is coming along nicely and the museum is going to have some new displays soon. Wednesday, Steve Brown visited for a meeting with the Red Tail Project initially, and attended a barbecue for the membership to have discussions on policy, the wing, and the CAF as a whole. It was well received and an enjoyable event.

As I was writing this, I got an e-mail from Max Haynes. A flyover took place today in honor of Vernon Hopson, a local Tuskegee Airman. Max had the opportunity to use the B-25 as a camera-ship, and I'm very happy to share some of them with you!


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