Thursday, September 17, 2009

Aircraft Ops

The Harvard spent some time in the air the last too weeks. Between training, appearances at airshows and flyovers, it has been spending a significant amount of time in the air. Along with that, the B-25 spent some time at Osceola, and then made its way to Brainerd for some history flights. It was a very successful day for the aircraft. Meanwhile, the BT-13 and the PT-22 got a little maintenance time.
(Select photos thanks to Earl Teporten and Dan Johnson)

(Scott Romuld preps for flight while Dick Leighninger stands by)

(Take off)

(Nice pass!)

(The B-25 arrives at Osceola)

(Heading off to Brainerd)

(The crew arrives home and has a celebratory drink)

(Rudy Nassif installs a hobbs meter on the PT-22)

(Nathan Timm and Rudy work on some wiring in the BT-13)

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