Friday, September 25, 2009

Helping Devil Dog

This summer Devil Dog, one of the CAF's B-25 bombers, ran into problems. Initially it was thought that the carburetor had failed during the Oshkosh, WI airshow. Soon after they found that the engine had failed. When this happens, many parts need to be cleaned, inspected, or overhauled. The Devil Dog group is trying to get the aircraft back to Texas before the snow flies. To help them in this goal, Larry Utter set up a run out to Oshkosh to remove their propeller and bring it to Maxwell Props in the Twin Cities for overhaul. Larry and Earl Teporten took off early Thursday morning, removed the prop, and returned home that evening. Thanks to everyone involved in getting this done... It's a great example of what CAF teamwork is, and how we can keep the aircraft flying!
(Photos Thanks to Earl Teporten)
(Earl Teporten and Larry Utter in Devil Dog's prop dome)

(Larry removes the dome plug, and as usual is making a mess!)

(Devil Dog is lucky their is a hangar large enough with space to house her!)

(Larry and EAA member John Hopkins prep to lift the prop)

(Larry isn't quite heavy enough to counterbalance that prop... but it will work [Note: It was strapped down before it actually moved])

(Larry straps the prob down... next stop Maxwell Props in Crystal, MN!)

(One step closer to getting Devil Dog home!)

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