Friday, November 13, 2009

Turret Trouble

A great achievment for the week was the repair of our B-25's Bendix turret! It has been inoperative for the last few years. It turns out it was an electrical problem that was easily solved. Thanks to everyone who participated in getting this working!
(Photos and Video Thanks to Brian Strom)

(Earl Teporten, Rudy Nassif and Nate Timm [inside the turret])

Engine Change Prep

Changing an engine on any aircraft is a faily large job. It takes a bit of prep work, and tools have to be gathered. Thanks to everyone who helped with the preparations!
(Photos Thanks to Brian Strom)

(Big Dave and Bob Wright remove panels and crossmembers)

(Bill Maitland works on cleaning up the gear well.)

(The new engine to be installed)

(Tooling prep includes borrowing Maxwell's Prop stand)

(Bob Wright acts as a counterbalance as Butch Maxwell hoists it)

(The prop stand makes it home, along with another B-25's prop. Devil Dog's prop will be hauled to them shortly.)

Fall Flights

The BT-13, Harvard and L-5 are getting a little flight time. The fall colors make for a great view, and our pilots are eager to see them. Some of our members had the chance to fly along with them!
(Photos Thanks to Earl Teporten)
(Craig Rodberg and Tim Gunter stand by while Bob Koelbl gets Ron Legg prepared for his first flight in the BT-13)

(Ron is all set as Craig runs through the checklist)

(Engine started, ready to roll out)

(Lift off, with a great spread of leaf colors as a backdrop)

(Craig and Ron make it safely back...)

(...and seem to have enjoyed themselves very much!)

(Next up, Craig takes Tim up in the L-5)
(Another great lift-off shot by Earl Teporten)

Halloween Party

The Halloween party was terrific, with great costumes, good music, fun games and food. Enjoy the variety of costumes! More photos available at
(Photos Thanks to Matt Holland and Art Minkle)
(Ken Martinson is ready to raid a blood bank)

(Ron "Iron Chef" Legg reminds me of my lunchroom servers in middle school.....)

(It took Steve Shumaker 4 hours to get into this outfit and made-up)

(Tacos and drinks were available to the crowd... operated by a group of members)

(Cadet Don Bystrom will help you taxi in!)

(Matt Holland and Joel Brown take a moment to look at some photos)

(Jazz Etc. played a great set of swing music...)

(...For a great crowd of dancers)

(Amy Lauria gains Klingon support for the Red Tail Project!)

(Bob Koelbl the safari hunter and a google-eyed Tim Gunter serve drinks)

(Aviator and Aviatrix themes fit in quite well here)

(Mike Martin donned perhaps the scariest costume of all... at least to me!)

Not-so-Weekly Weekly Update - 26October thru 13November

Good Afternoon All,
I apologize for a lack of posts in the last few weeks. We've finished with our final two events at the hangar. The Halloween party on the 30th was a hit... great music, good costumes and a taco bar! It was great fun, thank you to all those who attended and helped out. The next night we rented the hangar to a group for their private hHalloween party. It was a late night but a good time as well! The focus has turned from our event laden schedule toward a maintenance operation. The B-25 returned home from Midland, and has been put into maintenance for the winter. First tasks include an engine change, and some repairs. The small aircraft will continue to fly for a period of time before they too are put into maintenance. If you are interested in helping with aircraft maintenance, hangar repair, museum or general cleanup over the winter, we could use your help!!!