Thursday, September 17, 2009

Motor Pool Update

Each week we see more and more progress with the motor pool. It's exciting to watch, since there is always a lot of work being done. The cars were prepped for a car show in Inver Grove Heights, and almost all of the vehicles were able to attend! Good work guys! If you're interested in working on old cars without computers, this is the place for you!
(Select photos by Earl Teporten)
(Roger Ruhland replacing the green jeep's leaf spring)

(Bill Atchison sands down the Ford Staff Car....)

(So he can give it a fresh coat of paint!)

(Roger works on tape removal after the paint job)

(The vehicles arrive at the car and tractor show!)

(Glenn Franke shows Bob Koelbl, Dick Leighninger and Amy Lauria his restored 1940s Tractor)

(Bill gives kids the opportunity to wear a helmet and sit in a WWII vehicle.)

(He also gives adults that opportunity)

(Amy loves driving the Ford Staff Car)

(It's a real good thing we didn't follow him, because he turned the wrong way when he exited the parking lot!)

(Winston is one of the motor pools biggest fans!)

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