Thursday, December 9, 2010

Around the Hangar

We've got a number of members showing up despite the cold! It's great to see everyone, and to see all of the work getting done! Great work all, keep it up!
(Photos Thanks to Brian Strom)

(Fleming Field is snow covered, but that doesn't mean that everything shuts down!)

(Arnie Fick and Ray Miller remove inspection panels on the B-25)

(Kurt Krogmann and Dave Schouveller remove the B-25's rudder)

(The fabric has gotten old and needs to be retreated)

(Larry Utter watches intently as the main landing gear on the B-25 retracts)

(Bob Wright disassembles, inspects and greases the prop on the BT-13)

(Doug Olson removes spark plugs from the PT-22)

(Ray Miller cleans the PT-22's plugs)

(Rudy Nassif works on the PT-22's Kinner engine)

(Nate Timm works to get the B-25's tail turret operating this year)

(George Colaizy checks wiring in the motor pool)

(Bill Atchison adds insulation to the motor pool office)

(Randy Hendrikson and George follow behind with drywall)

(A clean new wall in the motor pool)

The Outside Air

Good Afternoon All,
I'm starting a new section called "The Outside Air". As opposed to our "Around the Hangar" section, it will focus on projects that are taking place outside of the MN Wing. These projects can be anything relating to what we do (i.e. Warbirds, Aviation, WWII, museums, etc.) so if you know of something interesting and would like everyone to see it, please let me know!

For this post, I have stumbled across a very neat restoration. Some of you may know of this already know about this, but for those of you who don't, I think you will find it to be a unique and interesting project! The Mosquito is a wood fuselage construction, and presents very unique problems when trying to rebuild it. Jerry Yagen's project has taken 18 years, and is taking place in New Zealand.

Check out more at!
(Photos Thanks to EAA's Facebook Page)

Blog Update - 29 November to 09 December

Good Afternoon All!
I've waited a week to post this blog update. As soon as I posted the last update, I ran across a new project that I wanted to share with everyone, but decided to wait until I had some more info about the hangar.

I'm starting a new segment called "The Outside Air". It will focus on different projects that are taking place around the world that relate to what we do in the hangar. Like "Around the Hangar" I would like to put up one project per update, so if you know of something cool in the world of warbirds, WWII, museums or aviation in general, let me know!

We've gotten a little further with the City of South St. Paul. They have approved a Conditional Use Permit that will allow us to do our events legally, as long as we get the sprinkler system in. Next steps are to agree and sign a lease, then get the bonding money going!

Bill Atchison and the Motor Pool team are taking strides to insulate the side bay of their building. A little bit of cost will save us hundreds if not thousands per year in heating costs. The effort is already making a huge difference, in heating and safety! They have a lot of work left to do, so consider spending some time helping them!

The B-25 is off of jacks, and will begin the major portion of the yearly inspection Saturday. First step will be to pull panels and covers, and then we delve in and get our hands dirty. The sooner we get the inspection done, the sooner we can start repairs and modifications. This will all take a lot of work, so if you are versed in the bomber, mechanically inclined, or just want to learn some of the details surrounding the aircraft, please stop by!

As always, there is a lot to do at the hangar... it's a little cold to start, but warms up well! Stop in any Wednesday and Saturday to see for yourself what is happening!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Midland Airsho

Airsho is always a great time! You get a chance to see old friends, meet new ones and see some of the rarest aircraft fly! This year, the B-25, P-51 and Harvard made the trip down. There was a slight feel of political tension, but nothing that overshadowed the excitement of having FIFI fly overhead!
(Photos Thanks to Matt Myklebust)

(A cool day starting in Lakeville. Mike Schoen was nice enough to fly us door to door from Fleming in his plane)

(Lunch/Fuel stop in Pratt, KS attracted a good size crowd)

(Pratt was a B-29 base during WWII)

(Matt Myklebust self potrait, somewhere over flat land in the Harvard)

(Once we got to Midland, Amy Lauria wanted to catch up with an old friend)

(We attended the Membership Meeting, held by the General Staff and Steve Brown)

(Steve impersonates country singer/CAF Member Aaron Tippin (playing the guitar), while the membership are treated to a quick concert)

(John Beyl met us down there, and took the time to make the P-51 shine. It paid off, as the Mustang won Best In Show!)

(Practice day allowed a nice close vantage point for the bomber crews)

(... Great for shots like this!)

(A panoramic shot from Miss Mitchell's vantage point on the bomber ramp.)

(A great shot of the TBM rolling out in the morning)

(The mechanics took a look through the parts warehouse, seeing if there's anything of interest lying around)

(Larry Utter enjoys the beautiful weather on top of Miss Mitchell's wing)

(By far the most exciting part of the trip is the first time we saw FIFI's wheels leave the dirt)

(Having had all the fun we could stand, a number of us went to fix a Harvard problem that was found during a walk-around. A little sheet metal, some rivets and we were all good to go.)

(We found the rest of the group telling stories...)

(... Having a refreshing beverage...)

(... and having a great time with like-minded individuals)

(As usual, Midland Airsho was a great experience!)

P-61 Black Widow Update

Earlier in the year I posted a number of pics of the P-61 Black Widow at the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum. They are restoring it to airworthy condition, and are making some great progress! This series of pictures was found while surfing around I can't wait to see this fly!
(Photos Thanks to TAdan on WIX)

A Ride in the PT-22

The PT-22 took to the air this year for the first time, and is being touted by the two current pilots as one of the most fun aircraft to fly. A number of members have already gone for flights, and many more will next year as well. This series of pictures, taken by pilot Alan Miller, is a run through of a typical joy ride. Amy Lauria, Wing Leader, was getting her first chance to ride along!
(Photos Thanks to Alan Miller)