Friday, September 25, 2009

The Calm Before the DANCE!

With set up having been completed so early in the day, the afternoon was spent do minor prep work, and awaiting the arrival of our aircraft. Visit for more Dance photos.
(Photos Thanks to Matt Holland)
(Problems with the M37 forced us to move it into the Motor Pool for some repair. Bill Atchison drives, while Roger Ruhland keeps an eye out for any problems.)

(Moving the Mustang into place... that aircraft always makes for a good photo!)

(The B-25 passes overhead as she arrives home)

(Miss Mitchell touches down)

(Miss Mitchell is in place, and the crowds are starting to arrive)

(People find seats and a space to dance as the lessons begin)

(Groups meet up, some dressed to the hilt, others not. Wondeful color to the sky!)

(The Mustang is silouhetted as the sun sets, and the dance is about to begin!)

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