Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hangar Dance!

The Fall Bombers Moon Ball occurred on a cold but clear day this year. Although the cold had the potential to turn people away, we had a great crowd! One of the things noticed by both members and attendees was the age of the crowd was starting to get younger. High School and College age were common, and dressing the part was also more prevalent than ever before. It was a good night, and everyone had a great time! If you haven't been to a dance, it is well worth it!
(Photos Thanks to Matt Holland and Troy LaFaye. More Photos available at

(The B-25 was front a center, the focus of the Bomber's Moon Ball)

(Fireman posted to make sure we stay safe.)

(A vintage airline pilot and his date)

(Andrew Salih and Matt Stone look the part)

(A Marine shows his dance moves)

(Every where you looked there was an interesting and unique fashion at this dance)

(The crowd enjoys the Bag Pipers)

(It was great to see such a young crowd. It is promising for an organization like ours)

(Miss Mitchell got the crowd all fired up!)

(This must be why we call it the Bomber's Moon Ball)

Fashion Show/Wine Tasting

The Fashion Show strays a little from our norm. Bringing vintage and handmade clothing, models and aircraft together, all within the setting of a WWII hangar, doesn't seem like it would work. On the contrary, the unique venue, along with some clever artistic direction, have made for a fun and interesting event! Adding a wine tasting brought the event to a new level, and we look forward to expanding and seeing the event grow!
(Photos Thanks to Matt Holland and Brian Strom, more photos can be found at

(A good crowd gathered to enjoy the event)

(Brian Strom and Mark Erickson greeted patrons)

(One of the wine tastings was for Warehouse Winery, a Minnesota based company that uses Minnesota grown grapes. The other was for Import Iberia, a Spanish wine distributor))

(The PX items were featured in the beginning of the program)

(Followed by some acting... Amy Lauria, Andrew Salih and Matt Stone)

(Next came the vintage clothing)

(And one-of-a-kind handmade outfits by The Girl Can't Help It)

(Monique Rondeau of The Girl Can't Help It, Maddy Lomnicki, the voice of the Fashion Show, and Amy Lauria)

(One of the unique twists of the night was having two reenactors, dressed as WWII mechanics, checking over the PT-22. They answered questions, and worked throughout the show. Eric Delacruze and Pete Laughlin.)

(The crew who worked hard to make it all happen!)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Wings of Hope Charity Open House

The Open House is a great experience for all involved. A number of reenactors, vehicles, aircraft and people stop in to visit, see the sights and learn about WWII. On top of it, charities such as Second Harvest Food Shelf are featured and contributed to. Look for the Open House next year, it should be quite an event!
(Photos Thanks to Gary Chambers and Max Haynes)

(It was a perfect day to host the Open House)

(Numerous Aircraft stopped in to visit, including this T-50 Bamboo Bomber...)

(... And the World Record holding Miss Mitchell 2, of Flugtag fame!)

(Miss Mitchell ran History Flights all day long)

(The motor pool got involved in the ride program as well, offering rides to those who wanted to stay closer to the ground)

(The presence of the reenactors added significantly to the event, showing the uniforms and gear that would match up to the aircraft on hand [Eric Cheever, Troy LaFaye, Darren Byrnes, Eric Delacruze, Peter Laughlin)

(Eric Cheever and Troy LaFaye, looking the part in the cockpit)

(Eric Delacruze operates the Norden Bombsight)

(Amy Lauria and Eric cruise in the Jeep)

(Troy took a nap, even with the B-25 running!)

(Superman even got involved and took on some Germans!)

(Liz Strophus was asked to show Alan Miller her piloting skills)

(She had no problem doing that!)

(Liz grinned from ear to ear after her flight, which made everyone else grin from ear to ear as well!)

(Liz gets a warm reception when she gets back, the perfect way to end the Open House!)

Around the Hangar

A lot has taken place lately at the hangar... Here's a small recap!
(Photos Thanks to Brian Strom)

(Jerry Piazza and John Blaylock are very close to finishing the flatbed)

(George Colaizy works his magic on the green jeep)

(Bill Atchison gives a tour to a group of school kids)

(Earl Teporten performs the much appreciated job of cleaning windows)

(Bill works on the structure and body of the 1941 Plymouth Staff car)

(Washing the PT-22 doesn't take long when you have so much help!)

(Bob Wright and Mike Schoen install magnetos on the L-5)

(Dave Schouveller, Roger Van Ranst and Mark Erickson work on Miss Mitchell)

(The South Metro Fire Department came to give an extinguisher demonstration)

(The crew walked through various scenarios...)

(...Then had us put out a fire. Amy Lauria gives it a shot)

(The fire fighters were then given a tour and an aircraft walk-around. Many seemed interested in helping the Wing!)

Hangar Improvements

The hangar is an ever improvable asset for the Wing. Some of the improvements can be made by simply cleaning up, throwing on some paint, and calling it good. Others take time, effort and may incur some costs. Either way, it's all helping the CAF move in a very positive direction!
(Photos Thanks to Brian Strom)

(Looking out of the new West wall Exit)

(We started by cutting the hole and laying the concrete)

(East Exit run)

(Glenn Franke and Red work on a retaining wall)

(Glenn's leadership and skills have been instrumental to this projects success!)

(Carol Lovaas repaints one of the museum cases)

(Carol has worked very hard to give the museum a new look!)