Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Around the Hangar

We're getting closer to the flying season... the hangar door will be open tomorrow and it's supposed to be 70 degrees out!  We're finishing up inspections on all of the aircraft, so flying should commence in the next few weeks.  As this happens it will let us get to cleaning up and prepping for other projects around the hangar!

Aaron Stanton, Troy LaFaye and Bill Atchison troubleshoot the M37.
John Schmidt gets caught making bomb fins.
Todd Lofquist has been revamping the cases by the PX.
A slew of maintenance folks installing the right prop on the B-25.
Bob Koelbl and Tim Gunter tape off the BT-13 for wing walk to be added.
A visitor to our hangar, a Navion that will soon fly off to Texas.  The owner is working with us on parts trades.
Cadet Robbie and Mitch Bertrang prep the Bomb Bay Box for paint.
New leather surrounds were added to both cockpits of the PT-22.