Friday, September 25, 2009

Helping Devil Dog

This summer Devil Dog, one of the CAF's B-25 bombers, ran into problems. Initially it was thought that the carburetor had failed during the Oshkosh, WI airshow. Soon after they found that the engine had failed. When this happens, many parts need to be cleaned, inspected, or overhauled. The Devil Dog group is trying to get the aircraft back to Texas before the snow flies. To help them in this goal, Larry Utter set up a run out to Oshkosh to remove their propeller and bring it to Maxwell Props in the Twin Cities for overhaul. Larry and Earl Teporten took off early Thursday morning, removed the prop, and returned home that evening. Thanks to everyone involved in getting this done... It's a great example of what CAF teamwork is, and how we can keep the aircraft flying!
(Photos Thanks to Earl Teporten)
(Earl Teporten and Larry Utter in Devil Dog's prop dome)

(Larry removes the dome plug, and as usual is making a mess!)

(Devil Dog is lucky their is a hangar large enough with space to house her!)

(Larry and EAA member John Hopkins prep to lift the prop)

(Larry isn't quite heavy enough to counterbalance that prop... but it will work [Note: It was strapped down before it actually moved])

(Larry straps the prob down... next stop Maxwell Props in Crystal, MN!)

(One step closer to getting Devil Dog home!)

Dance, Dance, DANCE!

Dance night is a lot of fun... a lot of work but a lot of fun! Everyone put out a great effort, and had a great attitude while volunteering! Some new things for this dance included two food lines (seems to have worked out well) and a photo booth set up, allowing people to take their photos next to the P-51 for a donation of any kind. It was thought up by Matt Holland, was executed by Matt and Gary Chambers and it brought in a good chunk for change! Way to go! Thanks again to everyone for their hard work! Visit to see more dance photos!
(Photos Thanks to Matt Holland and Gary Chambers)
(The Dance kicks off, and what a great start!)

(There were all sorts of people there. Dressed up, in uniform or casual. Young or....)

(... Just young at heart!)

(During the break, the attending veterans were gathered and honored)
(The Memorial Pipe Band played their set of songs... it's always a pleasure to hear them play!)

(Miss Mitchell roared to life, thrilling the crowds!)

(It's always a highlight for people to experience)

(Then the band got back to work, and the dancers danced late into the night)

(Of course there were CAF members working nearby... Amy Lauria and Jerry Hahn all dressed up and looking sharp)

(Robert Hagel, Richard Steineck, Isaac Salinas and Todd Lawrence take orders and deliver the beer)

(Larry Utter keeps an eye on things as the night gets later)
(Bill Atchison looking very appropriate in his British uniform)

(Gary Chambers takes a break from running the photo booth)

(Matt Holland, behind the camera in almost all of the above photos, takes a moment to be photographed by Gary)

The Calm Before the DANCE!

With set up having been completed so early in the day, the afternoon was spent do minor prep work, and awaiting the arrival of our aircraft. Visit for more Dance photos.
(Photos Thanks to Matt Holland)
(Problems with the M37 forced us to move it into the Motor Pool for some repair. Bill Atchison drives, while Roger Ruhland keeps an eye out for any problems.)

(Moving the Mustang into place... that aircraft always makes for a good photo!)

(The B-25 passes overhead as she arrives home)

(Miss Mitchell touches down)

(Miss Mitchell is in place, and the crowds are starting to arrive)

(People find seats and a space to dance as the lessons begin)

(Groups meet up, some dressed to the hilt, others not. Wondeful color to the sky!)

(The Mustang is silouhetted as the sun sets, and the dance is about to begin!)

Off to Faribault

An early morning prep for the flight to Faribault for a one-day airshow. It went very well. The crew sold PX merchandise and tours all day! Way to go guys!
(Photos Thanks to Earl Teporten)
(Big Dave cleans up the aircraft)

(Janaka Buldoc fuels up while Kurt Koukkari does a walk around)

(The crew moves the aircraft from the pumps back to the hangar)

(Janaka rides brakes and keeps an eye out)

(What a sky!)

(Larry Utter, Big Dave and Don Bystrom pull the props through)

(Kurt briefs the entire crew)

(The crew is briefed, the plane is loaded, what now???)

(Engines start up as Mark Erickson fire guards)

(Big Dave keeps cool while the aircraft taxis out)

Weekly Update - 18September to 26September

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Wow... what an incredible week. Dance week of course is always a busy one, and this was no exception. Saturday the 19th was our Fall Bombers Moon Ball. The day started early with the departure of the B-25 for Faribault, MN. The Harvard and P-51 had already made their way to Faribault earlier in the week. The crew took off around 9:30, and then it was off to work on cleaning up the hangar, and setting up for the dance. This took and extraordinarily short amount of time! With a great crew, and a little help from ABC Rentals, we were able to have the hangar swept, mopped, set-up and ready to go by Noon! Then it was a matter of getting out signs, setting up a few lights, getting the vehicles out and the aircraft arranged. All in all, a very smooth set up! At about 4 o'clock, the P-51 and Harvard arrived home. About 2 hours later the B-25 arrived, just about the time people started to steadily arrive for the dance. It was a rather grand entrance! The dance kicked off shortly after, and what a day for it! It was beautiful... warm and cloudless... perfect for the dance. Attendence was excellent, food and drinks were constantly sold, and everyone seemed to have a great time!!! Our volunteer crew was very professional and hard working. Our cleanup crew stayed late into the night to tear down and put away everything... it took until 2 am, but there were a couple of chances to take a break and have a drink... Thanks to everyone who helped us throughout the day and night!!!!! Wednesday after a dance tends to be a little quiet. It's nice to take a break and enjoy just being at the hangar. Larry Utter had other plans however, and prepped for a trip to Oshkosh, WI to help out Devil Dog. Larry and Roby Bybee picked up the prop stand from Maxwell Propeller. Thursday morning, Larry and Earl Teporten headed into Wisconsin to get Devil Dog's propeller and bring it to Maxwell for overhaul. Way to help out other CAF units guys!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fashion Show 2009

The first year of the MNCAF Fashion Show went very well. Fashions by a couple different vendors were shown off by 14 models. The fashions were a mix of modern and vintage, making the items perfect for Hangar Dance patrons to wear. The event attracted a decent sized crowd, and was enjoyed by everyone! Thanks for everyone's help making this a successful event! Be sure to visit for more photos!
(Select Photos Thanks to Matt Holland)

(Prepping for the Fashion Show)

(The view from the Plymouth Staff Car, where the models entered the "runway".)

(The models get their hair and makeup done before the show)

(Dick Leighninger and Glenn Franke get dressed up for the show)

(View of the show from the B-25's nose)

(Will Leano and Mike Martin ran the bar)

(Tiffany Varilek struts her stuff on the runway)

(Kristin Bahr exits the car, and enters the runway)

(Show Center)

(Amy Lauria is next in line)

(Ken Martinson was the narrator of the show)

(Ken did a great job... Thanks Ken!)

(The whole crew)

(Our pro photographer, Matt Holland. Great photos Matt, Thanks! Visit for more!)