Thursday, September 17, 2009

Weekly Update - 05September to 17September

Okay, so it isn't exactly a week... but please bear with me! We've had a TON of events the last few week, and between hangar rentals, the fashion show, prep for the hangar dance, even a car show, it's been a VERY busy couple of weeks. We've had a wedding, a convention and a 40th anniversary party rental all within a week. A lot of volunteers worked very hard to make these happen! Thanks you everyone who helped clean, prep, setup, watch and teardown at the hangar for any of these events. It was a huge help, and is generating a lot of income! The Fashion Show, for those of you who were not able to attend, took place on Friday the 11th. It was the first year attempt, and was quite successful. The goal was to bring in a different crowd, and to show the fashions that could be worn at the Hangar Dance, or every day. Working with a number of vendors, we had models show off these different fashions. Everyone had a great time, and this will likely be an annual, or even twice annual, event in the future! Thanks for your support in getting this going! Inver Grove Heights held their annual car show on Cahill ave Sunday the 13th. We decided to bring the vehicles over to generate some interest, and maybe recruit a few new members. We were approached by many people, and will hopefully see some new faces in the motorpool because of it! All of this went on while we went about our normal activities of maintenance, restoration and airshow/flyover appreances. It made for an interesting week, but a very profitable one! Thanks again to everyone who was involved!

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