Friday, September 25, 2009

Dance, Dance, DANCE!

Dance night is a lot of fun... a lot of work but a lot of fun! Everyone put out a great effort, and had a great attitude while volunteering! Some new things for this dance included two food lines (seems to have worked out well) and a photo booth set up, allowing people to take their photos next to the P-51 for a donation of any kind. It was thought up by Matt Holland, was executed by Matt and Gary Chambers and it brought in a good chunk for change! Way to go! Thanks again to everyone for their hard work! Visit to see more dance photos!
(Photos Thanks to Matt Holland and Gary Chambers)
(The Dance kicks off, and what a great start!)

(There were all sorts of people there. Dressed up, in uniform or casual. Young or....)

(... Just young at heart!)

(During the break, the attending veterans were gathered and honored)
(The Memorial Pipe Band played their set of songs... it's always a pleasure to hear them play!)

(Miss Mitchell roared to life, thrilling the crowds!)

(It's always a highlight for people to experience)

(Then the band got back to work, and the dancers danced late into the night)

(Of course there were CAF members working nearby... Amy Lauria and Jerry Hahn all dressed up and looking sharp)

(Robert Hagel, Richard Steineck, Isaac Salinas and Todd Lawrence take orders and deliver the beer)

(Larry Utter keeps an eye on things as the night gets later)
(Bill Atchison looking very appropriate in his British uniform)

(Gary Chambers takes a break from running the photo booth)

(Matt Holland, behind the camera in almost all of the above photos, takes a moment to be photographed by Gary)

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