Friday, August 28, 2009

Working At The Hangar

Stop by the hangar and you'll see any form of work being performed. Many projects, all in different stages, are spread about the hangar and await the work needed to finish them! If you feel like helping with any of these projects, stop in on a Wednesday or Saturday and let us know!
(Select Photos Thanks to Earl Teporten)
(Tim Gunter and Bob Wright polish on the BT-13)

(Ken Martinson and Craig Steineck repair the wing of the drone)

(A group forms as Earl Teporten discusses the Dehmel trainer)

(Cadets Andrew Sahli and Matt Stone work on updating the museum)

(Work on the PT-22 is progressing nicely)

(Hangar talk is a common occurance as well. Bob, Tim and Emil Quasabart have sit down)

(We accept a lot of things, but drive around with your shirt off like Bob....)

(And this may happen to you! [Officer Wayne pays a visit])

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