Thursday, August 20, 2009

Training and Checks

The week was a little slower for work around the hangar, but our pilots were keeping themselves occupied. Jim Gilmore was checked out as a right seat pilot on the B-25, and Jerry Kaiser started training in the BT-13. Everything went well for both pilots, congrats guys!
(Photos thanks to Earl Teporten)

(Jerry Kaiser does some hangar flying to get familiar with the BT-13)

(Tim Jackson breifs Jerry before the training flight)

(Jerry starts the aircraft as Tim gets settled in)

(Jason McNeil, Jim Gilmore and Doug Rozendaal keep an eye on the engine while it starts)

(Big Dave makes sure everything looks okay from the ground)

(Lift off! The check-out has begun)

(Doug and Jim discuss the check ride. Congratulations on being an SIC (Second In Command) Jim!)

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