Thursday, August 20, 2009

Maintaining the Mustang

Even a new aircraft has its issues. The mustang is being "rung out" and we've experienced a few minor hickups along the way. The coolant door actuator quit working on us, a switch was sticking and we've had two tail wheel tires fail on us! We aquired our parts and set to work replacing as necessary. Below are a few pics of the work being performed. This is just the beginning!
(Select photos thanks to Earl Teporten)

(Dick Leighninger welcomes the P-51 home with his newly built sign)

(John Beyl gains access to the gun bay)

(Amy Lauria and Tony Pena discuss the work on the Mustang)

(The coolant door actuator that failed has been removed)

(While towing the aircraft, this tire and tube were destroyed)

(But it wasn't the fault of the tug driver... Bob Wright looks at the damage on the notorious Vietnam built tires... they apparently have a manufacturing flaw.)

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