Sunday, August 9, 2009

Oshkosh '09

A number of members went to Oshkosh to help with the Red Tail Booth. It was not uncommon to see numerous CAF members, Tuskegee Airman Col. McGee, country singer Aaron Tippin, and CAF President Steve Brown. It was a great show to attend! The P-51 won the Phoenix Award, which was quite the honor! Thank you to everyone who attended the show, and made a huge difference at the booth... we couldn't have done it without you!
(Photos thanks to Earl Teporten)

(Aaron Tippin sits in the Red Tail)

(John Beyl, Steve Kaminson, Larry Utter and Kurt Koukkari rest under the wing of the P-51)

(Larry Utter and Mark Erickson at the Red Tail booth)

(Brad Lang, Big Dave, Doug Olson, Larry Utter and Max Haynes discuss the all things relevant)

(Max photographs Col. McGee with a group of young aviation enthusiasts)

(Pilots Doug Rozendaal and Brad Lang)

(The Phoenix Award)

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