Thursday, August 20, 2009

Signs of Life

The most exciting event of the week was the first start of the PT-22! The aircraft doesn't have a starter, so hand-propping was the order of the day. Ray Miller took the prop in hand while Doug Olson sat in the pilot seat. A few turns of the prop and we had no luck... until we did a small adjustment to the carburetor. It fired, started and made a heck of a lot of noise! That prop moves a lot of air at low RPM! Flight tests are not such a distant thought!
(Ray Miller prepares to hand-prop while Doug Olson and Big Dave stand by)

(A big heave and........)


(A big puff of smoke and shes running)

(Instruments seem to be working!)

(Dave and Doug monitor the instruments to verify everything is working properly)

(Doug exits the aircraft, triumphant. Now, lets find all the oil leaks!)

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