Sunday, August 9, 2009

Red Tail Returns!

On Wednesday the 5th, the P-51C Tuskegee Airmen returned to its home base at Fleming Field! It was met by reporters, journalists, fans and a significant crew of CAF members. Tuskegee Airman Kenneth Wofford was on hand as well! It was an exciting moment in the Minnesota Wing's history, and we are very happy that so many people were able to share it with us! Thank you to everyone who helped make the day run so smoothly. A note: There were so many beautiful photos from this event... I was only able to post so many. I wish I could have posted them all! Thank you to everyone who submitted photos, they were terrific!!!!
(Photos thanks to Matt Holland, Earl Teporten, Ken Martinson and Max Haynes)
(Prepping the hangar early in the day - Photo: Ken Martinson)

(Interviews were started before the arrival of the P-51 - Photo: Matt Holland)

(CAF Members Stan Ross and Mel Micheals - Photo: Earl Teporten)

(Janaka Buldoc, Bob Wright and I discuss the days events - Photo: Earl Teporten)

(The crowd awaits the arrival - Photo: Matt Holland)

(Formation Overhead! - Photo: Matt Holland)

(Turning Final - Photo: Matt Holland)

(The Red Tail has Arrived! - Photo: Max Haynes)

(Roll-out - Photo: Matt Holland)
(Amy Lauria and Doug Rozendaal pose for press - Photo: Earl Teporten)

(Doug steps out to a crowd of reporters - Photo: Matt Holland)

(The crowd gathers around Red Tail - Photo: Matt Holland)
(Red Tail press conference - Photo: Matt Holland)
(CAF Members made this possible... THANK YOU! - Photo: Max Haynes)

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