Thursday, July 2, 2009

Weekly Update - 26June to 02July

Good Afternoon Everyone, I've got our weekly news-brief here. On Saturday Miss Mitchell returned from her trip. Wright-Patterson was very successful for us. The L-5 and Harvard received some flight time. We prepped the hangar for an event in the evening... a high school reunion for Simley class of 1989. The event went very well, and we were told that the class of 1990 was interested in renting next year! Monday the inspection began on the B-25. Work will continue on that throughout this and next week. Thank you to everyone who is helping accomplish this! Wednesday was a big day for maintenance. The B-25 was washed top to bottom, and is now shining and ready for the rest of the season. The PT-22 got its propeller installed, and is quickly looking whole again! Very exciting stuff! Thanks again to everyone for your continuing hard work!!!

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