Friday, July 10, 2009

Weekly Update - 03July to 11July

Good Evening Everyone!

I've held off until late tonight to gather a few more pictures for you. The last two weeks have been very good, but very hectic, so my photo cache is fairly small. The B-25 inspection has been completed, with only a couple of hitches. The left engine starter blew out on us on Wednesday, so it needed replacing. A big Thank You to everyone who helped install it yesterday (Larry Utter, Earl Teporten, Dave Schouveller... I was there too, but I don't do much anyway :) ). Also Thanks so much to the Harker brothers (C&P Aviation) for loaning us a starter!!! During the attempt to fly to Independence, IA problems were noticed with the right engine. A late night Friday revealed problems, and we pulled the nose case on Saturday. We found a damaged bearing. The new nose case has been installed and will be completed during the week. This week saw the birthday of the USA, and a number of fun goings on at the hangar. On the 4th, Amy Lauria, Bob Koelbl and Jon Schultz drove two jeeps and the Burma in a parade in Edina. The vehicles ran smoothly, and it was a great opportunity for exposure of the CAF! Back at the hangar, work continued as usual. The PT-22 has stumbled across some unexpected gear problems, and needs new seals. The Harvard did some flying in the T-6 Thunder formations for the 4th of July parades (see photos and videos). Wednesday brought business as usual during inspection sessions, and our monthly Staff Meeting was held... great to see so many people attend! Make sure you come to next Wednesday's General Membership meeting at the Fleming Field Terminal building!

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