Thursday, July 2, 2009

Saturday's happenings

Try as I might, it is impossible for me to gather pictures of everything happening at the hangar on a work day. I do my best, but always appreciate help from anyone with a camera! Thanks to Earl Teporten for select pictures. We continue to see what a dedicated group of people can accomplish and it is amazing!

(Miss Mitchell's crew returns to the friendly welcome of everyone at the hangar)

(A great shot of Miss Mitchell from the mezzanine.)

(Craig Rodberg starts up the L-5 for a trip to Duluth.)

(Earl Teporten dedicates his patience to assembling the Dehmel Trainer diagrams.)

(Tim Gunter and Bob Wright enjoy a little relaxation before the bar opens)

(Guests begin to arrive for the Simley High class of 1989 reunion)

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