Thursday, July 23, 2009

Weekly Update - 18July to 23July

Good Afternoon Everyone!
Wow, this week has been AMAZING! We've had to "First-time" events this week, some major airshow appearances, and some MAJOR NEWS!!! Our P-51C "Tuskegee Airmen" has once again flown!!!! This is such terrific news to hear, with the goal of making Oshkosh airshow, and soon coming home to the hangar! We will be having a gathering of the membership to celebrate and oooh and ahhh over the Mustang within the next month, so keep your eyes peeled! On other business, the B-25 made Minot with only minor issues. The crew flew her in the show with a B-52, something never done before!! The maintenance crew did a fabulous job of fixing Miss Mitchell, and exceeded all expectations, so a big Thank you is in order! While Miss Mitchell was in Minot, the Harvard and BT-13 attended the Wings of the North Airshow at Flying Cloud airport (Eden Prairie, MN). Reports from the show were good, with plenty of flying and decent weather. It looks as if it was a lot of fun! Our propeller for the B-25 is at Maxwell, and was taken there by Art Minkle and Earl Teporten (thanks guys!). It will hopefully be inspected and returned shortly for paint and reinstall. Wednesday, as well as this coming Saturday, will be dedicated to cleaning up the hangar, working on museum projects and the PT-22. Stop by for a relaxed time, as most of us around the hangar need it! Thanks to everyone for their efforts, our tenacity has really shown through!

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