Friday, July 17, 2009

Maintenance and Flight

Maintenance and Flight go hand-in-hand, won't have one without the other. Here are some pictures of the current maintenance that has been going on at the wing, and some flight pictures from a few weeks ago. Thanks for all the work this year, and the work that will take us through until winter!
(Photos Thanks to Big Dave, Brian Strom and Janaka Buldoc)
(Prepping to transport the prop)

(Tri-State prop on the stand)

(Propless engine)

(Jerry Hahn cleans the windows)

(Draining oil on the ramp... what a mess!)

(Jumpers at Wright-Patterson AFB... They used the original round silk parachutes)

(PIC Kurt Koukkari on the RTB [Return to Base])

(Janaka's Self-potrait over Chicago)

(Chicago skyline - Beautiful!)

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