Thursday, July 30, 2009

Weekly Update - 24July to 30July

Good Afternoon Everyone!
Very little can top last week, considering the Red Tail's first flight, the B-52 flying with the B-25 and all the huge efforts involved to make those projects happen! It's been exhausting for all involved to accomplish these feats, so a bit of slow time is never a bad thing. Slow can be a relative term however. The B-25 survived a week long flying extravaganza in Sioux Falls, SD. The B-25 Crew flew an astounding 22 flights, and racked in $20,000 with tours, history flights and PX sales. Great work guys! The P-51C "Tuskegee Airmen" flew from North Dakota to Oshkosh, Wisconsin! Brad Lang, son of a Tuskegee Airman, has been checked out and did his first solo in the Mustang as well. The aircraft, as well as a number of Wing members will be attending Oshkosh throughout the week. The aircraft is proudly displayed in Aeroshell Square (the Heart of Oshkosh). If you plan to attend Oshkosh, stop by the aircraft, and volunteer some time working in the booth! A number of vehicles and members attended the Little Log Cabin event in Hastings. We had a great time, despite having the Ford Staff car break down on us on the way back. It was quite an adventure! Work around the hangar on Saturday was a mix of clean-up and preparation for upcoming events. After the Mustang leaves Oshkosh, it will arrive home at Fleming. The plan is to prepare and clean the hangar for its unveiling at the Wings of Hope Charity Event on August 8th! Don't miss it!!!

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