Friday, July 10, 2009

B-25 Maintenance Never Ends

Restoring an aircraft to flying condition is a long, expensive process. The fruit of the labor is always worth it, but the job definitely does not end there. Maintenance issues pop up all the time, and it takes a lot of hard work to keep the aircraft in the air. The last two weeks a dedicated group of people have done their best to keep the B-25 in the air and on-time to the shows. That didn't happen, as Miss Mitchell missed a show due to part of the engine failing, but we will work to keep the aircraft from missing any other shows. Here's what happened this week:
(Larry Utter installs a new starter)

(Big Dave preps for flight)

(Miss Mitchell departs, only to return shortly with engine problems)

(Propeller removal)

(Propeller removal)

(Working until 2am makes you a little like this! Thanks to Alan Miller for the pizza!)

(Right Prop is removed, though the sledge hammer is a bit disconcerting)

(Removing the nose case on the right engine)

(Front Case removed)

(Look closely at the center brass ring to see the damage)

(New nose case installed... stay tuned for progress reports!)

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