Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blog Update - 14January to 01February

Good Afternoon Everyone!
Keeping on track with the Blog, I have a rather large update for you today. The activity at the Wing is booming... amazing for such a cold month! It's fantastic to see the enthusiasm, forward progress, and even better, the number of active members! Since Brian Strom was so busy, and took close to 500 pictures in the last few weeks, I will break up the normal "Around the Hangar" essay, and cover a number of different topics.

The focus of late remains the maintenance of the aircraft. All aircraft are being worked on regularly, and are progressing faster than I have ever seen! This can be attributed to the efforts of so many of the members. Awesome work everyone!

The efforts in the motor pool to decrease costs related to heat are coming to a close. The insulating wall is finished, and everything has been put back into place, allowing for maximum space to work on vehicles. The 1943 Willys Jeep is the current target, with a number of suspension issues already being identified.

Several Wing members participated in the Winter Carnival parade by marching, driving and handing out MN Wing fliers. There were a ton of people on hand, and we handed out hundreds of leaflets.

If you are a member who hasn't been to the hangar in awhile, or are thinking of joining the CAF, stop down soon to meet the members and see the amazing progress at the Minnesota Wing!

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