Friday, February 18, 2011

Around the Hangar

Helping around the hangar does not require that you are a mechanic or a pilot. We have so many things going on. All require someone to take on the project and make it happen! Find out what you can do to help the CAF today!
(Photos Thanks to Brian Strom)

(Ron Legg mounts awards received by the Minnesota Wing)

(Todd Lofquist categorizes all the museum items held by the Wing)

(He's still got a lot to do!)

(Linda Franke trains in the Wing Staff and other interested members on how to run the PX)

(Carol Lovaas cleans and organizes the museum cases)

(Todd has help with the museum items from cadets Kyle, Matt and Andrew)

(Tim Gunter and Bob Koelbl install the eyewash station)

(A parking lot full means lots going on at the Wing!)

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