Friday, January 14, 2011

Around the Hangar

As I said before, there is a TON of activity at the hangar, and it is quite difficult to keep up! A number of members made an off site visit to the C&P hangars to check out their B-25s, Betty's Dream and Lady Luck. Betty's Dream is a pristine example of a B-25, and is a great way to gain knowledge for our own projects.
(Photos Thanks to Gary Chambers and Brian Strom)

(Roger Van Ranst, Matt Myklebust and Jim Lauria check out Lady Lucks nose section)

(Roger, Dave Schouveller and Ray Miller look over the uber-complete Betty's Dream)

(Steve Wagoner removes panels from the B-25 tail section)

(Rudy Nassif, clearly moving faster than the speed of light, works on the PT-22's tail wheel)

(Mustangs don't look nearly as sleek with the spinner removed...)

(Bill Atchison and the Motor Pool workers are getting close to finishing their insulating wall)

(Carol Lovaas works to improve another museum case)

(Doug Olson inspects the PT-22)

(Matt Myklebust working on the P-51)

(It took me a minute to remember what was going on here... Larry Utter, Dave, Doug and I were trying to read very fine print in a manual)

(George Colaizy and Randy Hutchison got the tug running again!)

(Doug fondling one of the new ladders we purchased)

(Ray Miller running hydraulic lines for the tail turret. This picture reminds me of the colorized photos shot in the manufacturing plants during WWII.)

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