Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Maintenance Time

The majority of work around the hangar is still maintenance of the aircraft. There are some of the usual faces around, leading the work, but what is surprising is the number of new faces that are helping get the work done! Keep it up and we will have a fantastic flying season! Just to give perspective... I had 70 photos to choose from. I decided that I would have someone different in each photo. I even had to leave a couple of people out (don't worry, they're on the blog all the time!)
(Photos Thanks to Brian Strom)

(Bob Koelbl and Bob Wright inspect and clean the BT-13)

(Matt Myklebust removes panels under the P-51)

(Mike Schoen and Joel Ludwigson inspect the wing attach points of the L-5)

(Tim Gunter looks over the BT-13 cockpit)

(Mark Strausser replaces panels on the B-25 nose)

(Mikael Menendez inspecting the backside of the B-25 instrument panel)

(Tom Peltier paints up a new mapcase for the B-25)

(Mark Erickson inspects the PT-22 wing attach bolts)

(Tom and Brandan grease the L-5 main wheel bearings)

(Craig Steineck preps the L-5 cowling for new noseart)

(Bob and Larry Utter discuss who gets the ladder)

(Jim Lauria, Mark Erickson, Dave Schouveller, Lindsey Coupe and Micael Menendez work around the B-25)

(Roger Van Ranst inspects the fuels system in the B-25)

(Todd Shannon and Arnie Fick work in the sheet metal shop)

(Tom Bies buffs the BT-13)

(John Beyl inspects the P-51 oil tank)

(Kurt Krogmann and Keith Struck pull a cylinder on the B-25)

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