Friday, February 18, 2011

The Outside Air

Our PT-22 pilot training came from Terry Freedman, a CAF PT-22 pilot out of California. He was lucky enough to be involved with the Centennial of Naval Flight. Here is his write-up and accompanying photos.
I had the privilege and great luck to be able to participate in one of the most
amazing aviation events of my life in the parade of nearly 200 aircraft that
passed up the San Diego Bay on Saturday the 12th of February. Flying the
Commemorative Air Force Ryan PT-22, I was the first airplane in the parade that
followed the Blue Angels up the Bay. The weather was absolutely spectacular! You
could see all the way to Honolulu! I brought my wife Gini along to be the
photographer to document this truly Historic event and she got some great shots!
It is hard for me to describe the feelings of that day and flight, it is one I
will always remember!
PS: For the history buffs, the Navy did operate 200 NR-1's, the Navy version of
the Army PT-22, all at the then NAS Cecil field in Jacksonville, Fl.
PPS: Gini's dad was a Hell Cat pilot in WWII so this had some special meaning
for her too!

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