Friday, December 18, 2009

Operation Ordnance!

The history behind "Miss Mitchell" and the quality of her restoration and maintenance are a source of pride for members of the Minnesota Wing, so when we see something that isn't perfect, we tend to look at ways of improving that imperfection. Recently a couple of members have gotten together and begun focusing on restoring "Miss Mitchell"'s Ordnance delivery systems... meaning getting the top turret fixed, getting the tail turret operational and even getting the bomb release system set up and working! So, while the majority of the mechanics are focused on replacing the engine, fixing components and performing the inspection, this group of members work diligently to gather the information and parts necessary to complete Operation Ordnance!
(Select Photos Thanks to Earl Teporten)
(Tom Youngdahl and Nate Timm inspect parts for the tail turret)
(We have a lot of parts in various states... sorting and inspecting will be very important to completing the job!)
(Tom and Nate test fit parts to verify where they go and how they work)
(This small contingent of members braved the snowstorm on the 9th to work at the hangar)

(Rob Hardcopf begins fitting bombardier wiper components)
(The wiper works through three different components, using a long flexible drive linkage to keep the window clean)
(Jason 'Mac' McNeil attaches the wiper arm to the bomber)
(The wiper arm is attached, and ready to operate...)

(... Once we have all of the internal components mounted. Stay tuned to see how it all turns out!)

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