Friday, December 4, 2009

B-25 Engine Removal

I've got a load of pictures walking us through the process of removing the engine. I'll get right into it and tell the story as we go!
(Photos Thanks to Earl Teporten and Brian Strom)
(Step 1 is to remove the propeller...)
(Although not a very complex job, parts of the prop are easily damaged and must be handled carefully)
(Bob Koelbl, Adam Galloway, Emil Quasabart and Mark Strausser slide the prop onto the stand.)
(The nose ring has been removed, and Rob Hardcopf begins to disconnect anything preventing the engine from being removed)
(Arnie Fick, Doug Olson and I keep an eye on things as Roger Van Ranst and Dave Schouveller work on disconnecting accessories)
(Roger hooks up the engine sling in preparation for removal)

(The hoist is hooked to the sling, and the mounts are unbolted)

(We had quite a crowd watching the removal!)

(Doug Olson guides the engine away)

(Dave steadies the engine as it is pulled clear of the nacelle)
(SLOWLY drop it!)

(Removing the engine mounts just before setting the engine down)
(Now setting on its stand, it is time to remove the accessories!)
(Careful there Doug!)

(Dave, Art Minkle and Roby Bybee remove the wrappings on the new engine)
(The last time the engine will look this clean)
(Larry Utter and Dave begin hoisting the engine from its stand)
(Slowly lifting the engine...)

( step is to swing it so it is horizontal)

(Larry, Roby and Dave look over the accessory section of the engine for any issues)
Stay tuned for the installation of this engine!

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