Friday, December 4, 2009

...Drone On!

Coming to the end of a project is exciting, and a little sad. For the last year and a half (perhaps more!) Craig Steineck and Phil Stanton have led the preservation and restoration of our 1950's era OQ-19 Target Drone. Having a wingspan of about 12', the drone is an impressive size. It was used by the Air Force and Navy for anti-aircraft training, operated by a large trailer of radio-control equipment. Ours isn't planning to fly, but will be a beautiful static display! Thanks to everyone who has worked (and continues to work) so hard on this project!
(Photos Thanks to Brian Strom)
(Phil Stanton and Craig Steineck check over the fuselage before priming)

(Doug Olson gets up close and personal to check for defects that will be seen when painted)

(Craig lays down a coat of primer)

(Phil, Craig and Roger Van Ranst unwrap the wing, which was primed earlier in the year)

(Fitting the wing to the fuselage. This is the first time they have been attached since transport from Duluth nearly two years ago!)

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