Friday, December 4, 2009

In Honor Of...

I received an e-mail from member Bill Maitland last month. Our mission is education, and the first step of great educational programs is to inspire those you are trying to educate... I'd say we certainly have the tools to accomplish this!
"These were submitted by Larry Inness, of Norfolk Nebraska. Larry is a former marine and loves aircraft. He’s been a modeler for over 30 years and recently retired after 30 years as a teacher. Larry was at the Sioux City Air Show this past summer and saw Miss Mitchell in person. He wanted to thank us for “putting on a great show”, and created the model as a tribute. He would love to fly the model with us sometime in the future. He said he added the invasion stripes only to increase the model’s visibility in flight.

Our aircraft and our presence really do make an impression on people and can be inspiring in many ways.


Thanks for the e-mail Bill, and thank you Larry Inness for the gorgeous tribute to Miss Mitchell! I just wish we could get her shining like your model! :)

(Photos sent care of Larry Inness)

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