Friday, December 18, 2009

Blog Update - 05December to 18December

Good Afternoon Everyone!These blog updates seem to have fallen into a pattern of every other week. I think we can expect that from now on with the slower winter season coming in to play. The last time I posted, we had just removed the B-25's right engine and hoisted the new engine off of its stand. We are in a holding pattern with the installation until parts arrive at the hangar and can be installed. The new engine is ready, save for engine mounts. This doesn't mean we haven't been active though! The inspection has started on the B-25 and will continue through the spring. Help is always appreciated! We've worked on cleaning the aircraft off, removing some of the fuel tank sealant under the left wing. We've also had a number of projects in relation to the ordnance on Miss Mitchell (upper turret, tail turret, bombing gear, etc.) These projects are great fun, and help keep us all excited about being around the aircraft, and helping make her not only run great, but look great too! Maintenance has also started on the BT-13, though they are waiting until after the holidays to really get into the meat of the work. The motor pool has been working to prepare the two staff cars for the winter carnival parade. Hopefully they will be ready, and heated!

Pictures of the days are harder to come by during the winter... in your travels, feel free to send me pictures of different museums, videos you've found while surfing the net, or warbird news that you've come across! It may not get posted right away, but if it would interest others, it will make the Blog! Send me a note at

Thanks to everyone for your passion and perseverance. It takes a lot of hard work to accomplish the many facets of the CAF's mission!

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