Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekly Update - 16October to 25October

Good Afternoon Everyone!
Last weekend the wing held the annual Craft Fair and Chili Feed! A number of you helped with the event and helped make a batch of home-made chili! It went fast, and made the wing some great income. There were about 30 crafters with all sorts of items for sale. If you haven't checked it out, for the crafts or the chili, keep an eye out this time next year for info on the next one!
We've attended the last airshow of the season, Midland's Airsho. The crews were forced to find different ways home (commercial aircraft or drive a van back). The crews all made it back, and yesterday, two weeks later, Kurt Koukkari, Jim Gilmore and Mark Erickson picked up Miss Mitchell and brought the aircraft back home. Thank you guys for using your own resources to accomplish this!
Locally the weather has changed dramatically. We're clearly heading into winter, and that means switching modes to maintenance. That means cleaning and prepping the aircraft, so that parts can be easily inspected. If you wish to help clean or maintain the aircraft, come down and lend a hand!
Be sure to stop in Friday the 30th for the Charity Halloween Party! It's $10 at the door, or $5 if you come in costume... so be sure to dress up! It should be a great time, so swing by to help out, or to party! It starts at 6:00 pm.

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