Sunday, October 25, 2009

Larry Mullaly's Award

Larry Mullaly was awarded the Distinguished Service Award (our highest award) by the Wing for his constant dedication to the Minnesota Wing. Larry has been a pilot with the wing since very early on, and has flown everything that we have. He's trained a number of our pilots and has always been a knowledgeable, humble and hard working member of the wing. Larry has contracted Lou Gehrig's Disease and is no longer able to fly, but has still made himself available to teach our ground school. He was not able to attend our awards banquet, so we brought him out to our General Membership Meeting to present the award.
(Photos Thanks to Earl Teporten)

(Roby Bybee, who is one of Larry's long time friends, wrote and presented a speed about Larry's service to the Wing)

(Roby presents the award to Larry)

(Larry and Doug Olson discuss the past, present and future of the Wing)

(Congratulations Larry! You've certainly earned this. Thank you from everyone for your dedication to the Wing!)

(Thank you also Roby for presenting the award so well!)

(The award presented to Larry Mullaly)

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