Thursday, October 15, 2009

Running the PT-22

This is all we have for you, but it's great fun. The PT-22 needed some testing, and we were the only people available to do it. We did two runs, and found the Tachometer needs repair. It will be sent out and repaired once again. We expect the aircraft to fly early next year so keep an eye to the sky!
(Select Photos Thanks to Earl Teporten)

(Roger Ruhland stands by as Tim Gunter checks over the engine.)

(Doug Olson secures miscellaneous cockpit items as Tim attaches cowling)

(Doug is the crew chief on the PT-22 and has done a great job of managing the project)

(Doug performs the final look over)

(Ok who wants to hand prop this thing?)

(Earl Teporten takes a shot at propping the engine)

(This is the only way of starting the engine at this point. It's tiring, and requires a lot of attention. A cold engine takes awhile to start.)

(Earl did a great job, but it's a lot of work. While he takes a break, Jeff Quesenberry gives it a shot)

(Jeff gives it another shot while Roger, Dick Leighninger, Bob Wright and Tim watch)

(After about a dozen tries, the PT-22 breathes to life)

(Doug checks over the instruments and runs her up)

(This is about the time we found that the Tachometer was not working)

(Tim, Bob and Roger make their way over to see what the issue is)

(With the issues vetted, the aircraft gets put back into the warm hangar)

Click play to watch the video of the PT-22 running below!

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