Thursday, October 15, 2009

Weekly Update - 09October to 15October

Good Afternoon Everyone!
Getting back on track, I have a small update for all of you, with a very singular focus. Before we get to that, I'd like to talk about about events at the hangar in the next few weeks. We have our annual Craft Fair and Chili Feed this Saturday. Stop in, see the crafts and enjoy some home made chili! The weekend of the 24th we have a rental, and then comes Friday the 30th. The 30th will be our Holloween party! Come in costume, enjoy the fun, and see how the hangar can be a little spooky.
On to the update. This week was very quiet. The B-25, the P-51 and the Harvard made their way to Midland for Airsho. The weather was less than favorable, and thus the aircraft are still stuck there. At the same time, the temps were falling in Minnesota, and it made for a fairly cold day outside. We did our best to stay in, but ended up having to run the PT-22. Enjoy!

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