Thursday, October 8, 2009

Around the Hangar

As usual, work around the hangar made for a great day. There were new members visiting this particular day and the weather was so beautiful it was perfect for some flying.
(Photos Thanks to Earl Teporten)

(Tim Gunter rides brakes and Bob Wright watches for obstacles while pushing out the BT-13)

(Janaka Buldoc rides the wings latest restoration, a WWII bicycle. It was restored by Cadet Matt Stone and his Grandfather)

(Doug Rozendaal performs a checkout for a member of the Memphis Wing of the CAF)

(Craig Rodberg and Larry Utter go flying in the L-5)

(Brad Lang sits in the P-51 and discusses upcoming flights with John Beyl and Kurt Koukkari)

(Kurt, Big Dave, Bill Atchison and Glenn Franke discuss the world)

(New member Lindsay checks out the P-51 while Amy Lauria and Alan Miller talk about the benefits of being a CAF member)

(Dick Leighninger fire guards the B-25 engine start)

(The roar of the B-25 always attracts attention... Dick discusses this with an Officer of South St. Paul)

(A great shot of the B-25 at the end of the day.)

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