Friday, September 30, 2011

Around the Hangar

This segment covers so much ground, and with limited space, in less pictures than I'd like. The summer has been crazy, and the craziness has rarely slowed. Although it jumps around a lot, this will hopefully cover many of the tales from this summer!
(Photos Thanks to Tom Langer and Brian Strom)

(MN Wing crew line up with NHL player Brent Burns. Brent went for a flight as part of a promotional deal set up with Defending the Blue Line.)

(Bill Atchison attends a car show with cadets Tyler Befort, Matt Stone and Andrew Sahli.)

(Engine failure on the right engine forced a replacement...)

(It also required cleanup of the prop, due to metal contamination. Dave Schouveller and Larry Utter load it up for the trek to Maxwell Prop)

(Oil coolers also must be flushed. Andy Piazza takes on this awful job)

(Matt Stone and Andrew Sahli remove rusted fasteners from the WC-21's seat)

(Tom Goodwill jacks the P-51 wheel to perform a brake inspection.)

(Bill, Matt and Andrew attend a parade and car show)

(Tom Bulger and Larry Utter inspect engine parts)

(Bill and George Colaizy straighten the front grill of the WC-21)

(Rob Hardkopf installs accessories on the B-25)

(George grinds parts in preparation for welding)

(Roger Van Ranst removes accessories for the right engine blower section failure)

(All the accessories came off, leaving the rear case bare)

(Until we removed that too!)

(The culprit of the problems was the planetary gear, seen here as the shiny silver gear in the middle)

(Nate Timm works on assembling all the correct parts for the nose gun)

(It's like a puzzle, just get all the pieces in the right way or it won't work!)

(Bill paints the WC-21 engine the correct silver color)

(Bob Wright, Tom Bulger, Ray Miller, Arnie Fick and Jim Nelson catalog parts.)

(Andrew Sahli touches up paint on the 1941 Willy's Jeep)

(Bill welds and grinds the body of the WC-21)

(One of many tours to visit the MN Wing this summer!)

(New nose art for the L-5!!!)

(At a celebration for the 40th anniversary of the Wing, many of the early members attended)

(Happy Anniversary to the MN Wing!)

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