Thursday, February 9, 2012

Blog Update - October 01 - February 10

All quiet on the MNCAF front? HARDLY! The scant blog is an indicator not of lack of activity at the Wing, but rather an abundance of it! Since October, we closed out our flying season, and began to inspect the aircraft. Around that time, discussions took place about the use of hangar space, and what improvements could be made. That discussion lead to where we are at now. The hangar is in a state of chaotic activity. Walls are going up, others coming down. The PX will have a new home, and the museum will have more space. The machine shop has been moved, enclosed and expanded. Cleaning, organization and consolidation are taking place throughout the hangar. This massive project will lead to a whole new look on the inside of the hangar, and will give the museum and PX the much needed face lift it deserves. The hangar will now also feature a members only O'Club lounge overlooking the aircraft. A place where members can relax and enjoy the CAF after a day of hard work.

The aircraft have their own tales as well. The P-51 is maintenance is winding down, with few inspections left. It will have a propeller spinner change take place later this week. The Harvard engine is still out for overhaul and while it's gone, the airframe is getting a good lookover. The PT-22 is getting new brakes, and most important, a starter. It is flying through it's inspection with very few issues. The B-25 is about half-way through the inspection. It was subjected to a landing gear Non-destructive test, which has revealed a crack. Part of the landing gear will have to be replaced. This concern came after another B-25 operator had their landing gear break and fold forward... not something we want happening!

With all of this happening, the sprinkler system is also going together. Yesterday, the riser (main valves of the system) was assembled and runs were prepared for the office spaces. This is great news, since our dances will take place in our hangar!

I will do my best to deliver more timely updates, but if you can, stop down and see all the changes taking place! Just watch your step and you may want to bring a hardhat!

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