Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall Bomber's Moon Ball

Our Fall Bomber's Moon Ball took place across the ramp, still hindered by our sprinkler system. Thankfully, this did not seem to deter people. There were a lot of attendees, more than any fall dance in recent memory. The membership help was WAY up as well. I couldn't believe how quickly the whole thing got torn down! It was truly amazing team work!
(Photos Thanks to Gary Chambers)

(Bob Wright directs in traffic, donning safety yellow)

(Margie and Doug Olson manned a CAF Membership table, and were apparently quite successful, signing up a few new members and taking down tons of names for the mailing list!)

(As it is the "Bomber's Moon" ball, Miss Mitchell was the star of the show. Her new nose gun drew quite a few compliments.)

(Mark Erickson, Ron Legg and Keith Struck run the bar and food like pros)

(Gary Stinar poured drinks, and considering the cup with his name on it, a few of those drinks went to him!)

(Nina Myklebust takes donations and sells baked goods to help get Liz Strohfus to Midland for Airsho)

(Of course, some dancing did occur)

(And the dance floor became very full!)

(The most anticipated part of the night is always the B-25 runup. Note the flames from the exhaust stacks)

(Wing Leader Amy Lauria gets into trouble, as per usual!)

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