Friday, September 30, 2011

Blog Update - 25June to 03October

Alright, clearly I am lagging behind with the Blog updates. I have had offers to help, which is great, and I will be taking people up on that! Thank you! This way we can keep people more up-to-date and keep the blog rolling. I apologize for the time in between posts, it's amazing how fast the weeks fly by.

The summer went by way too fast. We're into fall, flying season is winding down, and we're looking at another winter of work. The B-25 gave us a few problems this year... one engine failing, two other engines needing repair. It was a busy summer for the maintenance team, but they did a great job of keeping Miss Mitchell in the air! The airshows were plentiful, thanks to Jim Gilmore, and we were able to attend many shows and give many rides! Thanks to everyone who flew or crewed the trips!

The BT-13, L-5 and PT-22 began to give rides this summer. It was an excellent first year, and there will be increased focus on getting the small birds out there and making money! The rides are more affordable than the B-25 and it can bring an experience to a lot more people!

This years Open House was held on Labor Day. It was not attended as well as we had hoped, but people still enjoyed the event and vendors want to come back next year. We plan to coordinate with Kaposia Days (South St. Paul Days) to bring the entire airport in to the fold, and have our Open House as part of the festivities.

The Fall Bombers Moon Ball was a huge success. We had more attendance than the past few fall dances, and people had a blast! A few new ideas were presented this year, and we have more in store for next, so come check it out, either as a volunteer or a patron!

The sprinkler system is coming along nicely. We've established that the current system can be reactivated. This means a huge amount of savings! We are waiting for final approval from the fire marshal. The next step is to install the water main. This will take some digging between the motor pool and the hangar. Our goal is to have the system working before the spring dance... Your donations can help make that happen!

Again, I apologize for how long it's taken to get another post out. You can expect to hear from the blog more often in the near future!

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