Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Flugtag (or Flight Day) was conceived in 1991 by the owner of Red Bull (Energy Drink). It took place in Vienna, Austria and the world record flight (195 ft) has been undefeated since then. Over the years, the Flugtag has expanded around the world, and holds events many times a year, in many states and countries. On the 24th of July, it was held in St. Paul, at Harriet Island, in front of crowd of more than 90,000 people (more than any other Flugtag event). "Major Trouble and the Dirty Dixies", a team gathered by Jason Franke (son of member Glenn Franke) came up with the idea to model their flying craft after Miss Mitchell. They worked closely with Bob Wiplinger (owner of Wipair) and came up with a very good representation of Miss Mitchell. A lot of engineering, time and testing were put into the craft, and it was worth it! The aircraft was pushed from the 30 ft high platform, released from its base and cleared the world record, flying 207 ft!!! Congratulations to Major Trouble and the Dirty Dixies, and Wipair for their accomplishment!

Expect to see the flying machine at our Charity Open House on August 14th.

(Photos Thanks to Various Sources, Video thanks to Red Bull on Youtube)

(The aircraft was piloted by Rachel Norman, one of Wipair's pilots)

(It was pushed off the platform by 4 members of the team)

(Yes, the tail doesn't look right, but the whole thing rotates (making it a stabilator) to create more control surface)

(Pulling up from the dive was the most difficult part, from there it sailed to victory!)

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