Thursday, September 16, 2010

Blog Update - 29July to 24September

Good Afternoon Everyone!
The airshow and fund raising season is winding down. We've worked very hard this year, and it shows! We've been able to make some safety upgrades around the hangar, been able to clean up and improve the look of the Minnesota Wing! I suspect the momentum will hold and we will see great things in the next few years.

Going back a ways, we held our Open House Charity Event in August. It was a success, attendance was good, and we sold a number of History Flights on the B-25. We had a number of veterans visit as well. Liz Strophus, a WWII WASP, took a flight with Alan Miller in the PT-22. She had a wonderful time!

That evening we attempted the MN Wing Hops and Props for the first time. We had a number of brewers bring in their different flavors of beer for tasting. The event, being new, wasn't very well attended, but we haven't given up on it! We plan to hold a Hops and Props next year, and beef up some of the advertising. It shows promise, just needs a little time.

A good example of how some things need a little time and a little more advertising is the CAF MN Vintage Fashion Show. Last year was the first year, and while everyone enjoyed it, it was not very well attended. We made a number of improvements this year, increased the advertising, and we were able to have a wonderful event, complete with wine tasting and vendor sales. It was very well attended, and incredibly well received. Everyone who helped make the event happen did a wonderful job!

Our Fall Bomber's Moon Ball was, as usual, a smashing success! It was a cold night, but people stayed warm by staying out on the dance floor. We are noticing a shift in crowd, even attendees are seeing it, as the presence of college age and high school age dancers is increasing. This is VERY promising, not only for the success of the dance, but it shows an interest in our history and that era in particular. We're seeing a LOT of people, members included dressing up in period clothing, which is very exciting! Everyone works very hard to put on these dances, and the Wing appreciates all the help. Thank you for making it a success!

As stated, the Minnesota Wing has a great future ahead. We look forward to the next challenges, and have a wonderful membership team that has made all this progress possible! Thank you for all you do!

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