Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Getting to Know the Guns

Flying Cloud's annual Airshow (AirExpo) was a great way to spend a weekend. We had a number of members participate, and were incredibly successful! One member, Nate Timm, took some time out to get to know the B-17 a little better. Nate has been a member for about a year, and has taken an interest in the turret systems of the different aircraft, and has been the driving force behind Miss Mitchell's turret restoration.
(Photos Thanks to Nate Timm)

(Mark Erickson and Nate Timm pose with Doolittle Raider Dick Cole)

(The view from the tail gun of the B-17)

(Nate got himself wedged into the ball turret. His size made this possible, as most people would have a LOT of trouble fitting)

(One of the B-17 crew members snaps a shot of Nate in the ball turret... not great visibility)

(That's a bit better. This is the view that the ball turret gunners would have had when the targeted an enemy aircraft.)

(B-17's are the iconic bomber of WWII and being able to climb around one is always a great experience!)

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