Monday, July 26, 2010

Around the Hangar

As per usual, things progressed around the hangar. Our major successes and events may be important, but they are supported by the hard work and dedication of the members who are at the hangar every Wednesday and Saturday making the machine run smoothly. Helping with Maintenance, cleanup, PX, Museum, they are all equally important, and vital to the Wing's success. Keep up the good work guys!
(Photos Thanks to Brian Strom, Tom Bies, and Jeff Henningsgaard)

(The Hangar is a great place to tell stories with friends [Bert Schauer and Emil Quassabart])

(To occasionally have a BBQ together [Ron Legg cooks food brought by Carol Lovaas])

(And to meet some great people [Earl Teporten and Doug Olson converse with a WWII P-51 Pilot])

(It's a great place to get hands on with history [Jim Nelson works in the Motorpool])

(And really feel like you've accomplished something [Stan Novey works on the M-37])

(Doug Olson, Joel Ludwigson and Mike Schoen work on the Kinner Engine)

(Bob Wright, Andy Schmidt and Ken Fudge work on replacing the L-5 tail wheel assembly)

(The jobs aren't always comfortable. Mark Strausser and Earl Teporten help Rudy Nassif out of the PT-22 cockpit.)

(Though the rewards can be great [Prepping the PT-22 to give members rides])

(Alan Miller flew a number of riders that day, including Tim Gunter [front seat])

(Some of the jobs are off site. Bill Atchison brings a load of scrap metal to the recycle facility. The money earned helps support the Motorpool)

(With that funding, guys like Jerry Piazza and John Blaylock can continue to restore the '48 Chevy Flatbed)

(Soon it will be able to join the rest of the vehicles on the road)

(And create displays such as this, bringing people back to another era)

(Carol Lovaas has been working very hard to clean, paint and modify our displays)

(Carol repainted, and then accented and hand-painted the lettering for the Tuskegee Airmen case)

(She then added some photos and info. The completed product [this is not done all the way] looks fantastic!)

(Another great feat is having the East wall doors painted to match the museum. Glenn Franke spent a lot of time to make it look this nice!)

(The CAF is a great place to participate, so stop down soon!)

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