Thursday, June 4, 2009

Weekly Update - 30May - 04June

Greetings to all, hope everything is well. This week was full of exciting news, events and advances. As a Wing we have made progress in all areas. I will be breaking up the news a little bit, allowing for some extra pictures to be posted, but here is the run down for what has gone on this week: On Friday the B-25 left for Ellsworth Air Force Base. The trip was a success, generating revenue via appearance, PX and tours. Saturday cleanup started early for the Hangar Dance. We had a number of volunteers, who were fed by Ron Legg for lunch. The dance was well staffed, and had 800-900 visitors. All in all we have a gain of over $6000 for the dance. It was great to see everyone there! Wednesday the PT-22 made HUGE forward progress... see the upcoming Blog for more info! Today, Earl and Dr. Steve (an electrical expert) are meeting to discuss the plan of action to get the Dehmel Trainer operating.

Thank you to all who have made this a successful week, and an exciting one at that!

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