Friday, June 19, 2009

Weekly Update - 12June to 19June

Greetings Everyone! This week was quite eventful. I'll be breaking it up into different posts. The B-25 remains in Green Bay, awaiting transport to Wright-Patterson AFB on June 25th. We attended World War 2 days at Fort Snelling with two of our vehicles. It was a great drive, the Jeep and the Burma ran great, and we had a great team to support it! We were there for Saturday and Sunday handing out flyers, talking about the vehicles, WW2 and the CAF. Apparently there were over 1600 people in attendance through the weekend! Work around the hangar was no slouch either. Cleanup, sign creation, Forklifts being fixed, Museum items catalogued and the floor stripes being repainted occupied a lot of time! Work on the PT-22 is constant, moving towards a goal of running later this month or early July! Thanks to all who make MNCAF such a great place to visit and volunteer!

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